Shelita Burke is unlike any artist you will ever encounter. She is the archetype of what is possible for artists as she integrates her gifts as a data scientist and cryptologist into her pop music career. Her new “Special” EP is available for purchase using the Blockchain and accepting fiat money and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Shelita feels “In this new music industry every artist needs to understand data science and use all mediums of artistic expression to reach and understand their audience.”

Shelita Burke made her first appearance in the pop music scene going viral and charting #14 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound Chart in February 2017. Raised in Seattle, as a teenager, she left for Europe to pursue a music career and tour the world.

“The past couple of years have been a complete reinvention of me as an artist” Burke says. Shelita was invited by saxophonist Scott Page (Pink Floyd) to appear on his popular Business Rockstars Show in LA. This led to an industry showcase performance, where she earned the attention of the Producer, Bellringer , who has worked with megastars like Nicki Minaj and Timbaland . Shelita soon moved to L.A., where her new EP “Special” was born. The concept of the EP and the title song “Special” was born out of a collaboration with UK based music industry executive Nick Halkes who was a founder of the incredible XL recordings label (Adele, M.I.A) and then architected the dance/electronic business for EMI in the UK. He now manages the Prodigy and a roster of other successful artists with a couple of UK number one artist albums as a writer to his credit.

“I created these songs while going through a rough time emotionally and trying to understand who I am in a romantic relationship,” Shelita says. “ I used to watch people in love acting a certain way and thought I understood what it was all about – and then it happened to me and I was forced to completely reassess everything I ever thought about love. I enjoyed writing and recording the “Special” EP because I was writing from a place of exploring the core values that make all human beings the same – and which of these values I could connect to in my own self. Working with Bellringer was an amazing experience whose magic is really hard to describe, and it was exciting to have the opportunity to stretch my previous boundaries as an artist every day.”